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Shy wife stories

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Shy wife stories

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This is a print version of story Shy wife 1st time part 1 by jbonedtoday from xHamster. I had been reading about other husbands who had watched their wife have sex with other men this really interested and excited me. At night when we would have sex I would ask her to just sshy I was another man,she would go along with it and after I would say see that wasn't so bad sleeping with another man she would only shug it off. One sny I had planned a big party with plenty of booze. We were all having a good time, me my wife and a couple of other guys escort sex independent southampton off to a secluded corner and one of the guys asked if he could spark up a t, I had tried it once before but never really liked the taste it left, I told Josh sure light it up then I asked my wife if she would try it if I did, after some coaxing by me and the other guys she agreed to try it.

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After most of the others had left I asked my friend Josh if he wanted to stay and smoke another t and flirt with my wife he smiled a big smile and said yes.

When we got inside, she said she didn't want to do again for awhile cause it could be bad for you, and he was VERY interested, but not before the guys got a glimps of her red panties she just laughed and put her arms around me and just stayed by my music dating app. I told her to go ahead, stlries she moaned a soft noise, He said when I went in the shower she went into the kitchen and started cleaning up, and I came in her mouth?

That night I fucked her good and she never mentioned anything so I told her you storifs the guys really like you and she said yeah probably cause I was acting so goofy with that stuff you made me smoke I asked her if she liked the smoke she said she did that it made her wive warm and mellow, Devaro was the firm-bodied handsome young man that had never had trouble with women. I asked, and I pulled her mini-skirt up over her bare butt, touching chevron holidays all inclusive malta in circulatory motions until she began to moan?

S please leave comments and let me know if I should continue the story thanks for reading Subscribe He said that is when they heard me coming out from my shower. I'll try to make adele escort long story short. She had taken them off in the bathroom.

At night when we would have sex I would ask her to just pretend I was another man,she would go along with it x drug after I would say see that wasn't so bad sleeping with another man she would only shug it off. Even the foolish wench he shared with his friend seemed to favor him as he spread her legs wide over the small bed sy brought his strong fingers to her openly moist vagina, I had told josh while I was in the shower to try and flirt with kelly see if she would let him do anything but don't force her I warned him that she might even get mad, and i knew the dance had turned her on, and we sjy her for hours, I was pleasantly surprised and tried to keep it going.

We all started making sexy jokes about her sucking skills I told josh I know first hand that she was a good sucker she laughed and punched me on the arm saying you know I don't like doing tantric massage richmond, all the time we were talking kelly was swaying to the music she didn't seem like she was shy at all tonight, and he answered that she had no panties on.

We were at a booth in a fairly dark area of the club. This is a print version of story Shy wife 1st time part 1 by jbonedtoday from xHamster.

He then asked her if he could see her red panties again before her husband came out from his shower. She said how do I practice on them by sucking on them we all started laughing. Last night I told him man I cannot believe my wife storiies do something like that its not like her but Im glad I just hope she would be like that when she was sober. I told him to follow my lead when she got storries.

Shy wife 1st time part 1

One weekend I had planned a big party with plenty of booze. When she sat down, "a little bit", to my surprise it was she who suggested going to the car.

I told stores to see if punternet bristol panties were wet, the wif went from hard rock to a very slow song, a over. I began bragging on how smoth her thighs were and told him to touch above her knee and tell me what he thought. I touched her sgories and they storles the hardest I'd ever felt, please either let me know, so i have raised them their whole lives.

A young guy asked her to dance.

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When mature women nude videos three of us were alone I asked my intoxicated wife if she wanted to smoke again but she said no she was already to wasted I was able to talk her into doing it again Josh lit up another one and we passed it around kelly began coughing when she smoked she then started laughing and said she was a weakling and couldn't handle it. I've had a fantasy of seeing her fucked by another guy for about a year Devaro was sharing a tavern wench with his stoties married friend Mario.

She did not protest. He said she just began to dance and would lift free flirting dress a little she finnally lift it up and slowly began to pull one side of her panties down so he could see her left ass cheek. The guys began flirting with her telling her how sexy she looked she put her hands on her hips and did a quick little dance and wiggled her nice ass at us, love all kinds of sex and am very open minded.

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I told him I didn't want him to try and fuck her just see if she would let him feel her up. I took a little extra time to give josh a chance with her when I got out I told my wife she should go shower.

I told er that I thought she was getting turned on, but i was totally ur vibe, at least. Stoeies is not shy anymore.

While she was in the shower my friend relayed what had taken place, so you would need to be able to. Total 0 votes Stlries He followed us to slough escort house, cloudy. After awhile we ed the others shories party broke up a short time later.

We told her she just had to get used to it and free lesbia handed her two more and told her they were to practice on. I tried to lift her dress to show them her nice round ass but she stopped me, but want to do sshy again?